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CIMA combines accounting, finance and management skills to help you achieve your business career.

Certificate Level is the entry route to the CIMA qualification. If you have exemptions then you may be able to go straight to Operational Level.

All exams are on demand so that they can be taken all year round

The syllabus is made up of 3 pillars and 3 levels

Enterprise pillar

The enterprise pillar focuses on the interaction between the finance function and the organisation, through the use of techology and data, and aims to achieve goals and management of people

Performance pillar

The performance pillar involves the use of the tools and techniques of management accounting and risk management using them to ensure that the strategy is realistic. Budgets are constructed to assist in making decisions about capital expenditure, costs and performance.

Financial pillar

The focus of the financial pillar is that of financial accounting and the reporting obligations of the organisation. Business tax fundamentals are covered and also the tax implications of the financing decisions.


Operational level – focuses on short term decision making and the implementations of the decisions.

E1 – Organisational Management

P1 – Management Accounting

F1 – Financial Reporting and Taxation

Operational case study exam

On completion – Award; CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting  (CIMA DIP MA)

Female accountant calculations
level 4 group 6

the focus is the progression of long term decisions into medium term plans, using data and relevant technology to manage performance.

E2 – Project and Relationship Management

P2 – Advanced Management Accounting

F2 – Advanced Financial Reporting

Management case study exam

On completion – Award ; CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA ADV DIP MA)


Strategic level – the focus is on long term strategic decision making evaluating and managing risks to successfully implement strategies.

E3 -Strategic Management

P3 – Risk Management

F3 – Financial Strategy

Strategic case study exam

Assessment of practical experience

On completion – Award;  Membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the CGMA. Desgination

Sam and Sue

CS – Case Study

The case study aims to provide employees and people leading the business with the relevant skills to do this, offering an understanding and ability to become successful leaders of a business.


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The classes were good, educational bingo and IAS + IFRS on wall helped.

A lot of information to take in on this subject.

I found it easier than I thought it would be.

The teaching was easy going which i thought helped my understanding of the subject.


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